​Every Valley Leadership Academy

our impact


“Every Valley has kept many kids in school and off the streets. Their ACT prep and college visits have been vital for our kids planning to attend college.” – Shay Smith, Director, Washington Hills Youth and Family Development Center

“Leadership Academy is our most successful program. The commitment of Every Valley’s mentors to our kids is amazing. I’ve never seen anything like it.” – Ron Drake, Director, East Chattanooga Youth and Family Development Center

“If it weren’t for you guys helping me put my life back together after I was shot and pointing me to Christ, I would be dead.”  T.B.

“Meeting business and community leaders teaches me how to interact with adults, which will help me achieve my goals.”  - B.M., high school sophomore

“The discipleship provided by Every Valley is the only way my kids are making it. The mentors are like family to us. I thank God for you.” – S.E., mom of three East Chattanooga teenagers

“I like the Bible studies because we’re able to ask questions and get honest answers. Every Valley’s adult leaders value our input and give us leadership opportunities.” – T.G., high school sophomore

“Without Every Valley’s academic support and guidance, I would not be enrolled in college right now. You saved me from making foolish decisions that would have wrecked by ability to attend college.” C.H., college freshman.

“I’m learning to resolve conflict by admitting to my role in creating it. I had never seen anyone do that until I saw my mentor doing it. I know this is essential for my success in the future.” C.B., high school junior.

  • Every month, Every Valley reaches 150 young people in Chattanooga's urban neighborhoods, primarily East Chattanooga and Washington Hills.
  • They range in age from 6 to 24. Most of them are middle and high school age. 
  • Many are impacted at community events, Bible studies, or tutoring.
  • Those who are mentored interact with our staff or volunteers throughout the week.
  • Sometimes, they are in crisis or in danger, and the interaction takes the form of intervention and crisis management.
  • Much of our time together involves providing case management for their employment, education, or housing needs.
  • We help them develop leadership and life skills centered on developing healthy relationships with others and with God.
  • We teach them to rely on God and to look to the teaching of Scripture as they make the consequential decisions that face them from day to day.